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Watch live footage of one of Naked Raven's most original songs, "Pity" (Track 3 on "Never Quite"), recorded on December 11th, 2006, in Berlin.
Offered with permission. Both files are Quicktime movies sized 320x240px.
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Pity - Medium Quality (4.3MB) :: Pity - High Quality (13.9MB)





"Feel" *

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Moritzbastei :: 17-04-05 (©Matt)

19-10-04 ::  Kalkscheune Berlin (© Claudia Reisener)

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Claudia, Maria, Janine and Matt waiting for Steph. Where...?!

Stephanie (ah, alright!), Claudia, Maria, Janine, Matt

Janine, James, Anne-C, Ben, Matt, Claudia, Stephanie

Janine with Fan (anybody recognising themselves?)

Elke, Ben, Tamara

Elke, Steph, James, Tamara, Ben, Anne-C, Janine

Tamara, Janine, Elke

Elke, Steph, Tamara



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